Food for Thought Event

This event has been developed to create awareness of, and support for, Food Plant Solutions, the Rotary project addressing malnutrition and food security in developing nations.

The FFT event consists of a video presentation followed by a very basic one course meal.  It is an opportunity for Rotarians and others to experience a developing world meal and learn about malnutrition.  It provides ‘FOOD for THOUGHT’ on these very important issues. This event can be run as a normal breakfast, lunch or dinner club meeting.  Clubs are encouraged to invite key community members to join the meeting, learn what Rotary is doing and encourage them to donate funds to this important project. The meal should cost substantially less to provide than a normal meal.  We would suggest that clubs charge the normal meal cost and donate the balance of funds from the meal to Food Plant Solutions. This can be done by using any of the donate options on this site. If the special meal poses too great a challenge an alternative is to run the event with a regular meal and encourage donations.

Download FFT Instructions (169 KB)

Download FFT Event (350 KB)

Download FFT Video presentation (low resolution) (10 MB)

If you wish to receive a copy of the presentation on disk you can email


  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of Food Plant Solutions
  • Include Food Plant Solutions in existing or new aid programs
  • Communicate both within and outside Rotary
  • Raise funds to support Food Plant Solutions
  • Encourage volunteer service.


To run the event you will need:

  • Computer with a disk drive
  • Data projector and screen
  • Amplifier and speakers


The meal

The meal may not be typical, but it is representative of a developing world meal and is simple to prepare.

For each person use

100 g dry rice;

100 g fresh chopped cabbage; and

100 g fresh chopped onion.

Cook the rice (adding salt to taste). Cook cabbage and onion and mix with rice and serve in a bowl.

Also prepare ‘dirty water’ that is safe to drink by dissolving 1 teaspoon of drinking chocolate in a small amount of boiling water.  Make up to 2 litres with cold water and serve 200 mls per person.

Download FFT Meal Instructions (420 KB)


Conducting the event

A placemat is provided that can be printed off to use with the meal.  Tables should be set with the place-mat, a spoon and a glass of ‘dirty water’.  No extra condiments or sauces are recommended. It is suggested that the video presentation (14 minutes long) be run before the meal is served so that participants understand what they are eating and why.  The placemat has questions for participants to provide answers during the meal.  A sheet with the answers is available.  You may wish to run this as a competition or as general information.

Download FFT Placemat (417 KB)

Download FFT Placemat Answers (273 KB)


Also included in the kit is a project overview and copies of protocols which provide guidance on undertaking Food Plant Solutions projects.

Download Briefing Paper on Food Plant Solutions (479 KB)

Download Food Plant Solutions Protocol for Engagement (410 KB)

Download Exploring and Implementing a Food Plant Solutions Program in a New Country or Region (381 KB)



If you intend to run a FFT event please register your details with us so that we can follow-up with your Club. 

We welcome feedback on your Club’s participation in the event.

Do you have questions?  Do you need more information?

Email us at


Talk with us about how the vision of the Food Plant Solutions project can be shared with other Clubs and the wider community.  Together, we CAN make a difference.


If you are unable to download the FFT event you can email and request the FFT disk (be sure to send us your mailing address).